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About Us

Acid Gallery is DTTH younger sister and focuses on young and emerging artists.

The spirit is the same, no BS, we like it or not.

A story adds a dimension to an artwork, but is never the reason why we buy a piece.

We're deeply convinced a piece of art has to do the job by itself, so we like it or not.

Money is neither the motivation. We never buy a piece thinking about money first.

Of course we have to keep it in mind, art has to be a business too. But we never buy a piece we don't like just because it will make a lot of money.

Money goes where our heart is not our bank account.

And most of all, we love the face of the first time art buyers when the artwork becomes theirs, takes live in their space and their lives.

It's the same face people make when they eat those tangy candies. They hesitate for a moment and then smile.

Because it's acid.